Old Style Switchboards Can Pose a Serious Hazard to Your Home

Do you experience a circuit trip when you use one or more appliances simultaneously? Does your switchboard have old-fashioned fuses and exposed wires?

If you live in an old construction, chances are that your switchboards are not just outdated but also overloaded and highly unsafe. Significant changes in modern energy requirements have rendered old switchboards and other electrical become highly incompatible. Besides causing annoying blackouts, degraded wiring, faulty fuses and overloaded electrical circuits can also cause fire and shock hazards.

Therefore, it is imperative that old switchboards be inspected by certified and licensed electricians and all old fashioned fuse-based switchboards be replaced by circuit breakers that are specially designed to suit the electrical load required by modern appliances.


If you have old and non compliant switchboards, the chances of the fuse base getting extremely hot and almost ‘frying up’ the cables are very high. This can result into a house fire! So, the sooner you get your old switchboards replaced by new ones, the better it is for your personal safety and the security of your property.

At Peter Burke Electrical, our Sydney electricians are well-versed with modern Australian safety standards that make it mandatory to use new style switchboards that are protected by RCDs (safety trip switches).

Complete fire and shock protection

Our electricians can also install circuit breakers for all electrical circuits at your home, including the main power switch, so that in the event of a fault, the switchboard with ‘auto-trip’ and cut off power supply to the circuits, preventing the break of a house fire or any other potential damage. At the same time, our electricians also install an earth electrode in order to provide complete earth protection and prevent shock hazards.

When to Get Your Old Switchboards Replaced?

Home renovations provide a great opportunity to replace old switchboards and fix the complete wiring at your premises to make it compatible with modern electrical standards. However, if you are not planning on renovating your home, there is no reason why you should overlook the safety aspect of your old switchboards.


Remember: new switchboards can not only help to avert any sort of electrical danger or emergency but can also help you to utilise energy efficiently and cut down your electricity bills significantly.

Don’t wait! Call Peter Burke Electrical now to get a professional switchboard and wiring audit conducted by the best electricians in Sydney. We will identify any existing or future hazards in your electrical circuits and recommend safe, energy efficient and economical solutions to suit your electricity requirements.

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